Photo by Melissa Jean 

Photo by Melissa Jean 

Georgia Brizuela [briz-way-lah]
Taking photos, writing words, feeling feelings and raising some humans.

Available professionally for video and photos Australia wide.

Not presently taking (new) birth bookings (I'm sorry) but available for family photos, little family memory films and commercial photography.

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.   

I used to write a blog called 'Gregarious Peach' and some people (to my surprise) read this blog. It was while writing Gregarious Peach that I discovered that no one could spell or pronounce the word 'gregarious'. "No one" herein being a gross exaggeration however it was a surprising number of people. The most common google search for my blog was a misspelling. I decided then to change the name of the blog to tag line I had been using, 'Documenting Delight'. I wrote this blog called for a couple of years and some more people (to my surprise) read it. In fact, it turns out, a lot of people can spell Documenting Delight just fine. 

Then, during 2015, my life began to slowly spiral into being decidedly undelightful and I slowly stopped blogging. Because how can a blog called Documenting Delight be a good platform to share from when you really could be Documenting Disaster? 

Somewhat belatedly I realised I could just change my blog name and write whatever the heck I wanted instead. So there you go. Misspell away.